Sagittario operates in the north-central Adriatic, fishing in the sea area between the Pomo ditches in front of Pescara, the Kornati islands in Croatia and the sea area in front of Fano.

Fishing typically takes place over three days and consists of three fishing operations, called hauls. Fishing is carried out with the longline, consisting of a main beam to which the arms are tied with hooks. The longline is suspended in the water column so that it does not impact the sea floor. It is a tool considered "passive", as it is not towed by the boat and falls into the category of artisanal and selective tools. In fact, the catches are very specific because they are based on the characteristics of the tool and the bait used. The circular hooks used also allow the release of any undersized specimens or non-target species. The longline therefore guarantees the selection of the catches, the high quality and the preservation of the seabed.

Fishing is structured in different phases: first a strategy is defined, in order to establish in advance the fishing area, the bait and the characteristics of the gear.
Once in the area the longline is lowered and primed and, after a few hours, begin the withdrawal phases of the tool and the immediate treatment of the catches, with their placing in the icebox. In this way only a few minutes pass since the fishes are put on board to their conservation in the icebox.

Upon returning to the port, the catches are immediately transferred to a warehouse equipped with all the hygienic-sanitary and quality standards. Here the specimens are packaged in individual polystyrene boxes with ice and, subsequently, they are entrusted to the specialized transport company.


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FISHING. QUALITY. ETHICS. For three generations.

Swordfish and Sushi / Sashimi Grade Bluefin Tuna fishing and processing using Ikeshime technique.


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