The fishing vessel Sagittario has been operating for three generations of professional fishermen and is one of the few Italian vessels authorised to catch wild bluefin tuna and swordfish by means of long line. Thanks to the professionalism of company and crew, the fish marketed in Italy and abroad mantains superior organoleptic qualities known in the world as Sagittario Quality

In fact, the Sagittario's owner have been the first in Italy to start fishing tuna by long line, about 30 years ago. He has also been the first to send the Italian tuna to Japan – the most demanding market in terms of quality of the product.

The vessel operates in Adriatic Sea, that is considered the best fishing area in terms of quality of product. Here indeed, thanks to the abundance of anchovies and sardines the meat of the fish reaches the right colour and fat level. The average size of the fishes usually ranges between 30 and 60 Kg. The fishing trip lasts about two days and the fish, once onboard, is instantly slaughtered according to ikeshime method, bleed and gutted and put straight into ice.

Here the logistic table relating to the weekly planning:

  Monday Shipping 
  Saturday  Pricing
  Sunday  Unloading


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FISHING. QUALITY. ETHICS. For three generations.

Swordfish and Sushi / Sashimi Grade Bluefin Tuna fishing and processing using Ikeshime technique.


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